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I opened a gallery in Watergate Street in Chester in 1968 specialising in the sale of original antique maps, charts and prints. During this time I also produced a large number of illustrated catalogues for the postal side of the business. In 1998 I closed the gallery and moved entirely onto the internet. My stock includes a wide range of antique maps and prints of many parts of the world and are all guaranteed to be genuine early specimens.


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An antique map, chart or print makes a wonderful gift that will always be treasured

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An Amazing New Reference Book for the Map Collector

Maps of Cornwall Bookcover

First published in 1966 as one of the first such books to consider the maps of a specific county in terms of mapping history: this new 2nd edition retains the emphasis and principles of the first edition. The sections have been extended on contributing map makers from the end of the 16th Century to the mid 19th Century where decorative maps decline and are superseded by the cleaner lines of the Ordnance Survey.

The maps shown in this new edition come from a number of sources. They have been selected in order to give a story both over the span of these maps as they are drawn and also an analysis of how they reflect the history of cartography in the terms of the county of Cornwall.

The process of creating maps evolved at a stunning rate in the 280 years covered here and we have endeavoured to provide the reader with some analysis between maps as well as versions of the same map. Maps depict the lay of the land: there are instances where amendments to maps show changes in the physical geography on the ground thus fulfilling the role of the geographer and his map. This is the accurate depiction on paper of observed elements in the field.
In addition to the maps of Cornwall are charts generated for navigation of the treacherous seas around the Isles of Scilly. These notorious shores have proven fatal and the need for accurate maps around the coast drove some of the earliest maps of the area.

Presented with many full colour illustrations and extensively expanded from the 1966 edition, this book will aid the budding collector, the confused auction-goer as well as console the exile and, we hope, will be of interest to anyone keen in the mapped history of Cornwall.

Hardback A4 landscape volume of about 270 pages - ISBN: 978-1-5272-1503-0

87 sections dealing with cartographers from Saxton in 1576 to the mid 1800s with about 130 colour and b&w illustrations

Price: 30.00

Recommended Books

Excellent Book for the County Map Collector

If you can find a copy

British County Maps

When I started collecting and selling maps back in the 1960's there were very few reference books on antique maps. The first book I remember buying was Maps and Mapmakers by R. V. Tooley. Full of wonderful information but over the years there were periods when it was out of print. The Antique Collectors Club used to produce a large range of books on all kinds of antiques and in 1983 BRITISH COUNTY MAPS by YASHA BERISINER was published. To the best of my knowledge there has not been another book like it published. A most useful and informative work and essential for the avid county map collector. I think there was just the one edition. If you can get hold of a copy at a reasonable price my advice would be - Buy it. There is a link below that will search Amazon for copies on sale.

My well used copy pictured on the right still has its distinctive red cover illustrating Cambridgeshire by John Speed. The county I was born in.

A must read

for the lover of Maps, Roads and History

I was 19 when I got hooked on antique maps. There are quite a few of the early cartographers who we know a bit about about and their life stories make interesting reading. There is one English mapmaker who stands out as someone rather special who appears to have had a most interesting life. He is JOHN OGILBY. Yes you know he was the first to map the roads of England and Wales and yes you might have read that he had an interest in dancing. If you want to know more about the man who created that 17th century map hanging on your wall then you must read this book published in 2016 - The Nine Lives of John Ogilby by Alan Ereira. In this book the author brings a fascinating hidden history to light, and reveals that Ogilby's celebrated Britannia is far more than a harmless road atlas: it is, rather, filled with secrets designed to serve Charles II's sinister purpose.

You can order this book now and get it for less than the cover price of 25 pounds.

  •  The Nine Lives of John Ogilby by Alan Ereira

    The Nine Lives of John Ogilby by Alan Ereira

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I have been buying and selling antique maps since the early 1960's during which time I had a gallery in Watergate Street, Chester for 30 years. I am now able to offer through my websites a personal service to map and print collectors.

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All the maps are guaranteed to be genuine early specimens
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